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  2. About the Chairman

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  3. About the Chairman

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  4. Exhausting Glacial Lakes of HKH before they explode
    By Muhammad Raza KhanChairman APM PakistanDec 2012
    Many disastrous floods have occurred in the...

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  5. Article By Chairman APM - Badaltay Mosam (The Changed Climate)

    By Chairman APM

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  6. Understanding Global Climate

    By Muhammad Raza Khan

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  7. World Precipitation Regions

    By Muhammad Raza Khan

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  8. Nature Strikes Back... Wake up call

    Raza Khan
    Chairman APM
    August , 2010

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  9. NAO and The Sunspot Theory

    Mohammad Raza Khan
    Chairman APM - 2010

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  10. Climate change led to catastrophe
    Article by Chairman APMRaza Khan
    11 August , 2010

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  11. Before Its Too Late

    Author: Muhammad Raza Khan (Chairman APM)

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  12. Iceland Volcanic Eruption

    By Muhammad Raza Khan

    Chairman APM...

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  14. Interview with The Chairman
    Conducted by:Muhammad Waseem AbbasiVia:TeleconferenceDate:28 May 2010Time:3pm (UK); 8pm (PK)

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  • APM Earth Day Campaign Against Deforestaion

    APM is celebarating Earth Day 2012 by dedicating its News Page for Deforestation for two weeks. We have also launched a new documentary to educate masses. ...
  • Heads of International NGOs Show Distress About Deforestation

    Seventy countries in the world no longer have any intact original forests,” Says Tzeporah Berman who is the Campaign Director & Founder of Forest Ethics.” In United States’ ninety five percent old growth forests have already gone,” she reveals...
  • Deforestation Affects the Global Oceanic Conveyor Belt

    April 13, 2011 “Global tree cover removal can stop the global oceanic conveyer belt. As the eroded soil mixed with rivers run off alters the turbidity and even ocean surface temperatures.Deforestation results in massive muddy land waters assimilation i...
  • 8.7 Magnitude Earthquake - Indonesia

    Apr 11, 2012 Earthquake of 8.7 magnitude has hit the Sumatra Island on Wednesday, and a tsunami warning has been issued. Five provinces in the region are on Tsunami Alert i.e. North Sumatra,  Bengkulu, Aceh, West Sumatra, Lampung. ...
  • Power cuts add to Fiji flood disaster

    Apr 1, 2012 People on the main Fijian island of Viti Levu are now dealing with a severe power cut as well as heavy flooding. A state of natural disaster has been declared for most of Fiji's Western Division due to the floods, which have killed at least ...
  • 2012 May Go Down As The Year With No Winter

    Mar 28, 2012 To contradict Shakespeare, 2012 was not the winter of discontent — it may go down as the year without a winter at all in many parts of the country, and you can blame — or praise — the jet stream, says a Texas A&M University climate...
  • Japan experts warn of future risk of even bigger tsunami

    Apr 1, 2012 The Associated Press TOKYO — Much of Japan's Pacific coast could be inundated by a tsunami more than 112 feet high if a powerful earthquake hits offshore, according to revised estimates by a government panel. ...
  • Rivers to be linked to ease drought under water company plans

    Apr 1, 2012 Millions of gallons of water could be transferred to drought hit regions from rivers in wetter areas of the country under plans being drawn up by water companies to prevent future shortages. ...
  • Retreating SiachinGlacier Swallows more than 100 Pakistani Soldiers

    April 7, 2012 By Saadia Alam Executive APM Pakistan The dawn of April 7,2012 is overcast with gloom and sorrow as about 150 Pakistani Soldiers including a Colonel have been entrapped in an avalanche in Siachin Glacier. The whole nation is grieved at th...
  • CO2 'drove end to last ice age'

    Apr 4, 2012 A new, detailed record of past climate change provides compelling evidence that the last ice age was ended by a rise in temperature driven by an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide. ...

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