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  2. About the Chairman

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  3. About the Chairman

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  4. Exhausting Glacial Lakes of HKH before they explode
    By Muhammad Raza KhanChairman APM PakistanDec 2012
    Many disastrous floods have occurred in the...

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  5. Article By Chairman APM - Badaltay Mosam (The Changed Climate)

    By Chairman APM

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  6. Understanding Global Climate

    By Muhammad Raza Khan

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  7. World Precipitation Regions

    By Muhammad Raza Khan

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  8. Nature Strikes Back... Wake up call

    Raza Khan
    Chairman APM
    August , 2010

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  9. NAO and The Sunspot Theory

    Mohammad Raza Khan
    Chairman APM - 2010

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  10. Climate change led to catastrophe
    Article by Chairman APMRaza Khan
    11 August , 2010

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  11. Before Its Too Late

    Author: Muhammad Raza Khan (Chairman APM)

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  12. Iceland Volcanic Eruption

    By Muhammad Raza Khan

    Chairman APM...

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  14. Interview with The Chairman
    Conducted by:Muhammad Waseem AbbasiVia:TeleconferenceDate:28 May 2010Time:3pm (UK); 8pm (PK)

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  • Earthquake magnitude 6.9 hits Peru

    Oct 31, 2011 A magnitude 6.9 earthquake occurred near the coast of central Peru on Saturday at 18:54 UTC (1:54 pm local time)according to catastrophe modeling firm AIR Worldwide. ...
  • 5.6-Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Indonesia

    Oct 30, 2011 Jakarta. A 5.6-magnitude earthquake struck off the Indonesian island of Sumatra on Sunday, geologists said, although there were no immediate reports of damage or tsunami notices issued. ...
  • Spanish scientists map underwater volcano

    Oct 28, 2011 TENERIFE, Spain, Oct. 28 (UPI) -- Spanish scientists say they've mapped the formation of an underwater volcano that emerged in the waters off the Canary Islands earlier this month. ...
  • Indonesia: Mount Lokon erupts again

    Oct 27, 2011 MANADO, INDONESIA (BNO NEWS) -- Indonesia's Mount Lokon erupted again on Wednesday afternoon after showing increased volcanic activity since the day before, officials said on Thursday. ...
  • Chile declares red alert due to volcanic activity in South

    Oct 27, 2011 The Hudson volcano in southern Chile’s Aysén Region became increasingly active this week, forcing 119 people in the area to evacuate. On Wednesday afternoon authorities decreed a red alert in the provinces of Aysén, Chile Chico and Río ...
  • Rina strengthens, aims at Mexico coastal resorts

    Oct 27, 2011 CANCUN, Mexico — Authorities evacuated fishing communities on Mexico's resort-studded Caribbean coast and some tourists began to leave, as Hurricane Rina took aim at Cancun and the island of Cozumel on Wednesday. ...
  • California Earthquake: 4.8 quake strikes near Reno

    Oct 27, 2011 A shallow magnitude 4.8 earthquake was reported Wednesday evening nine miles from Whitehawk, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The temblor occurred at 11:37 p.m. Pacific time at a depth of 8.1 miles. ...
  • Turkey earthquake death toll passes 500

    Oct 27, 2011 Rain and snow has compounded difficulties for thousands rendered homeless in the earthquake that hit eastern Turkey, as the death toll rose to 523. ...
  • Chile begins evacuations as volcano stirs

    Oct 27, 2011 Santiago - Chile said on Wednesday that it was evacuating residents from around a volcano in the country's far south after it spewed a jet of steam a kilometre into the air and seismic activity triggered an avalanche. ...
  • Hurricane Rina weakens as it nears Cancun in Mexico

    Oct 2011 Hurricane Rina has weakened to a category one storm as it approaches Mexico's Caribbean coast, the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) says. Read more......
  • Turkey, a country at seismic crossroads

    Oct 24, 2011 PARIS — The 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck Van province in eastern Turkey on Sunday, causing hundreds of fatalities, underscores the country's fate to be straddling one of the world's most active seismic zones. ...
  • Eight earthquakes hit Berkeley over past several days

    Oct 23, 2011 Since Thursday, Berkeley has been at the center of at least eight earthquakes. The first, and largest, was a 4.0 magnitude quake that hit just before 3 p.m. Thursday and was centered under South Berkeley, according to U.S. Geological Survey...
  • Etna volcano eruption forces airport closure

    Oct 23, 2011 Sofia. Lava and ash spewing out of a crater of the giant Etna volcano in southern Italy forced the closure of nearby Catania airport, ANSA news agency said late Sunday,AFP reported. ...
  • Anatolian Earthquake is the Result of Compressive Plate Movement

    Oct 23, 2011 A major earthquake which struck today in eastern Turkey was the result of complex faulting as the block of the earth’s crust broadly corresponding to the country is squeezed between two others. Early reports indicate that there have been m...
  • No tsunami after Kermadec quake

    Oct 22, 2011 A 7.3-magnitude earthquake has struck near Raoul Island this morning, but a provisional tsunami warning for New Zealand has already been cancelled. ...
  • Magnitude-7.6 earthquake strikes far off Tonga in South Pacific

    Oct 21, 2011 NUKU’ALOFA, Tonga — A strong earthquake struck far off the South Pacific island nation of Tonga on Saturday, but there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. Read more...  ...
  • Glaciers on China's Qinghai-Tibet Plateau melting fast due to global warming

    Oct 21, 2011 XINING, Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- Glaciers in southwest China's Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, the major source of the country's largest rivers, are melting faster than ever under the influence of global warming, researchers said. ...
  • Flash flood in Myanmar leaves 'dozens missing'

    Oct 21, 2011 YANGON — A flash flood in central Myanmar on Friday left dozens of people missing as homes along a river bank were swept away, government officials in the military-dominated country said. ...
  • California earthquake: Temblor caused some damage near epicenter

    Oct 21, 2011 Two earthquakes that hit the San Francisco Bay Area on Thursday both occurred along the Hayward fault, with the second temblor producing scattered reports of minor damage. ...
  • World Volcanic Activity Report – Katla, El Hierro, Tambora, Shiveluch

    Oct 20, 2011 The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report, a cooperative project between the Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Program and the US Geological Survey’s Volcano Hazards Program, covers the period 12-19 October, 2011. Read more......

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