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  2. About the Chairman

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  3. About the Chairman

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  4. Exhausting Glacial Lakes of HKH before they explode
    By Muhammad Raza KhanChairman APM PakistanDec 2012
    Many disastrous floods have occurred in the...

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  5. Article By Chairman APM - Badaltay Mosam (The Changed Climate)

    By Chairman APM

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  6. Understanding Global Climate

    By Muhammad Raza Khan

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  7. World Precipitation Regions

    By Muhammad Raza Khan

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  8. Nature Strikes Back... Wake up call

    Raza Khan
    Chairman APM
    August , 2010

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  9. NAO and The Sunspot Theory

    Mohammad Raza Khan
    Chairman APM - 2010

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  10. Climate change led to catastrophe
    Article by Chairman APMRaza Khan
    11 August , 2010

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  11. Before Its Too Late

    Author: Muhammad Raza Khan (Chairman APM)

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  12. Iceland Volcanic Eruption

    By Muhammad Raza Khan

    Chairman APM...

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  14. Interview with The Chairman
    Conducted by:Muhammad Waseem AbbasiVia:TeleconferenceDate:28 May 2010Time:3pm (UK); 8pm (PK)

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  • The Glaciers in Gilgit-Baltistan Have Started Melting

    GILGIT, April 27: With the increase in temperature, the glaciers in Gilgit-Baltistan have started melting, resulting in significant increase in flows in rivers, streams and nullahs. Usually, the temperature increases in Himalayan, Hindukush and Karakuram...
  • Daily Chand - People of Swat Should Play Their Role in Reforestation

    28th May 2011 Newspaper The Daily Chand has published the news of APM on 28th May 2011, wherein the Chairman APM Mohammad Raza Khan appealed the people of Swat to play their vital role for saving the forests. On the occasion he distributed free plan...
  • ARY NEWS Coverage on APM Flood Relief 2011

    ARY NEWS aired the news of APM efforts for the flood relief and reforestation, wherein the CHAIRMAN APM, Mohammd Raza Khan said,"due to environmental disasters  natural resources are ruined, water streams are getting dried whereas Glaciers are recedi...
  • APM Volunteers on The Move

    28th May 2011 The volunteers under the guidance of the Chairman APM, Mohammad Raza Khan today reached at Madyan. They distributed the literature and stickers to the students in a local school  and showed the documentaries on DEFORESTAION, GLACIER RECE...

    27 May 2011 The volunteers of APM visited DOSAKH TUNGI glacier which is above Malan Jabba and is the water source for the area. It is on a hiking distance of  3 hrs, from Mengora. There they witnessed about 18 people cutting the the Glaciers in bloc...
  • AID for Flood Affectees and Plantation

    24th May 2011 - On the way to SWAT, today the APM volunteers have reached Darushkhaila with AID stuff to be given to flood affectees. They are full of motivation and eager to provide the aid to the needy people as soon as possible. Further more the Cha...
  • APM Volunteers on the move with Aid

    23rd May 2011: APM volunteers, under the command of chairman Raza Khan are now on the move to Swat and other related areas which were affected by devastating flood recently. During the campaign APM will distribute aid to those whose lives are still far...
  • Mississippi River’s flood is Dangerous to Navigate

    May 21, 2011 BATON ROUGE, La. — Travis Morace has been running boats on the Mississippi for two decades, witnessing the mighty river’s many moods. He’s seen it calm and smooth as a paved road and endured rides filled with treacherous twists and bum...
  • The 13 Most Vulnerable Arctic Treasures

    WASHINGTON, DC, May 18, 2011 (ENS) - At the top of the world, industrial activities are closing in on the last refuges of rare marine mammals and seabirds. As the Arctic warms, shipping and fishing as well as oil and gas exploration are expanding into oce...
  • Climate Change Blamed for Record Mississippi Floods

    WASHINGTON, DC, May 20, 2011 (ENS) - Human-induced climate change is contributing to the recent heavy rain and ongoing record flooding along the Mississippi River, and we can expect more extreme weather events in the future, according to scientists and ad...
  • Water Purification by ZnO Nanorods

    16/05/2011 The practical use of visible light and zinc oxide nanorods for destroying bacterial water contamination has been successfully demonstrated by researchers at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). Nanorods grown on glass substrates and act...
  • Biochar Removes Phosphate from Water

    17/05/2011 Phosphate poses one of Florida’s ongoing water-quality challenges. A process developed by University of Florida researchers using partially burned organic matter called biochar could provide an affordable solution, however. The process...
  • Extreme Mississippi Flood from Space

    Recent Landsat satellite imagery captured by the USGS and NASA on 10th May shows the major flooding of the Mississippi River around Memphis, USA, and along the state borders of Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri and Arkansas as seen from 438 miles above the ...
  • Catastrophic Arctic Storm Surge Linked to Global Warming

    Scientists investigating reports made by the Inuvialuit of the northwest Arctic of a massive storm surge in 1999 have been shocked at the devastating impact on the ecosystem and environment. The researchers from Queen's and Carleton Universitie...
  • Development Is Not About Trees

    How does one change the development paradigm? One has to change the way one plans and executes projects — the way we think about the benefits of a project. The important factor is to integrate multiple benefits within the project design to achieve a pro...
  • ACCA, WWF Collaborate to Celebrate Earth Day

    ISLAMABAD: ACCA in collaboration with WWF celebrated Earth Day by organising �ACCA-WWF Business Earth Talk� in Islamabad on Friday. The event encompassed discussion forums �Climate Change: A Business Challenge or Opportunity� and �Predictin...
  • Pakistan`s Climate Change Policy Up For Cabinet Nod

    Pakistan's environment ministry has cleared the draft of its first national climate change policy (NCCP) that emphasises increased investments in research on climate change mitigation and adaptation. Pakistan's federal environment minister, Samina Kha...
  • People Need to Take Care of Mother Earth

    Various activities were held in Karachi on Friday to mark the World Earth Day that is being celebrated the world over on April 22 since 1970 to highlight the environmental issues including global warming and climate change due to human activities.Both the...
  • Meeting At APM Karachi Office

    A meeting was held in Karachi Office of APM on 24th April 2011. The meeting was chaired by The Chairman APM, Mohammad Raza Khan. The new members who joined during the year were also gathered to meet the Chairman. The new members shared their thou...
  • Earth Day Message By Mr. Mohammad Riaz, Chief MET Officer Karachi

      The Chief Met Mr. Mohammad Riaz delivered a message on 22nd April 2011, The Earth Day, that we should take initiative rather waiting for everything to be done by the GOVT. He said , we should secure the environment and make it friendly by putt...

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