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  2. About the Chairman

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  3. About the Chairman

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About the Chairman

mrk edited

Multilingual, proactive and versatile professional with a practical and logical approach management. A skilled problem solver, capable of generating viable solutions utilizing exceptional people management, interpersonal communication and resource management skills; energetic professional who accomplishes more than expected through hard work and motivation. Strong team builder and facilitator with high standards of literacy in English, Urdu, Punjabi and familiar with Arabic & Persian as well.




Anti Pollution Movement Pakistan (APM)

Founder Chief Organizer of APM Gujranwala                            1990 - 92

Chairman of APM Pakistan                                                           1993-Present

Elected President of Rotary International District 3270              2008-2009

Freelancer & Amateur Environmental Journalist                         1991-Present

I initially launched a massive campaign as a student in 1990, to protect the environment by achieving the following objectives:

  • Launching a consolidated and incessant effort to overcome various types of the environmental pollution;
  • Promoting civic sense for the protection of the environment, building a pollution-free society;
  • Issuing circulars, hand bills, pamphlets and other publications, using all available methods to increase exposure;
  • Holding conferences, seminars, public meetings and rallies etc., to promote public awareness in relation to environmental protection;
  • Performing scientific research, exploring methods to overcome the problem of environmental pollution;
  • Designing and undertaking projects for solid wastes treatment, water treatment and recycling of non-biodegradable wastes;
  • Waging a crusade against alpine deforestation through a campaign to discourage woodcutting and destruction of forests for trivial personal gains and to undertake reforestation projects by advanced and scientific methods;
  • Introducing traditional resources of energy and to save energy for future generations;
  • Increasing awareness relating to nature, biodiversity and collapsing life cycles of marine life;
  • Curbing excessive emission of greenhouse gases / CFCs, in accordance with national / international policies;
  • Encouraging sustainable development for a better future;
  • Interfacing with, and seeking cooperation from, national and international organizations, associations and bodies Governmental as well as Non-Governmental, engaged / interested in developing a pollution free society.

Project And Campaigns

As the Chief Organizer and the founder Chairman, I have played a pivotal role as Project Planner/ Manager / Team Leader & acquired varied experience through multifaceted environment-friendly projects at local as well as national levels: following are the glimpses of these projects:

  • Campaign/Research Coordination with Government or National and International NGOs:

WWF Pakistan Lahore 1994-1997 and 2005

Research collaboration with WAPDA July-Dec 2005  at Hydrology Research Directorate and Snow and Ice Cell.

Collaboration with Earth Day network Washington USA  Feb-Oct 2001A Campaign to Adopt Clean Energy.

APM and IUCN Switzerland  July 1997

Friends of the earth trust Ireland1997.           

Greenpeace International, Amsterdam The Netherland 1990-1997

  • Campaign against Western Toxic Waste Dumping in Pakistan (1991 – 1994)

Public campaigns and pressure groups were formed. Divisional Administration took notice and an authorized committee was formed. The print media was involved to draw the attention of concerned authorities and a detailed report was published in a wide circulated newspaper i.e. THE NEWS, wherein 2 page cover story was published on May 20, 1994 resulting a ban on national level on that illicit trade.

  • Mass awareness & the environmental education campaigns 1990-92

All the governmental and most of the private schools and colleges were approached in five districts of Gujranwala Division. Lectures and Seminars were arranged and a mammoth student rally was held in 1992, in which key government figures, bureaucrats and the male students across the Gujranwala Division took part to wage a crusade against the pollution. More than 35000 people were present at the occasion hence acquired the Asia Biggest Anti-Pollution Rally at that time and all the national media quoted the event. Commissioner Gujranwala Division & Director Local Government & Rural Development patronized APM for this event as well.

Two years mass awareness project was undertaken with the help of District Administration and Directorate of Education and with WWF Pakistan some visual support to the campaign. This time female education institutions were equally included and about 60,000 students were approached and the culmination event occurred in the form of Grand Environmental Oath Taking Assembly for males and special assemblies for the respective female education institutes of the city simultaneously.

  • Campaign Against Deforestation (1990 – 1999)

In highlands of the country to provoke consciousness about climate change, especially in Swat Valley, the consolidated campaigns were conducted to discourage timber mafia & to save alpine forests. Glacier Receding and Fresh Water Pollution monitoring had been the concern of these campaigns. Hence more than 20 CBOs joined APM. This provided APM with an opportunity to launch community based environmental education and plantation projects in the valley.

  • Plantation Campaign (1990 – present)

Conducted plantation campaigns every year, starting from Gujranwala and gradually extending to Lala Musa ,Multan, Gujrat and Swat Valley where we have been distributing free plants time to time.

  • Municipal Solid Waste Management (1991 - 1996)

Managed to persuade the Municipal Corporation Gujranwala to bring at the point where they are compelled to eliminate the non-recyclable and recyclable items separately. For the purpose we carried out mass rallies and some social work, which also helped us to clean the biggest dump yard used by Municipal Corporation Gujranwala and changed the same in green belt.

  • Mass Contact Campaigns (1992 Gujranwala Division, 1993 across the province Punjab & 1995 succeeded to convince federal government to establish environmental clubs across the country)To evoke consciousness in general public 3 mass rallies were held.
  • 1993 – Cycle Rally on world environmental day
  • Establishment of Model Lawns at Postgraduate College for Women Gujranwala (1999 -2001)
  • Environmental Exhibition at Frere Hall Karachi June 5 1999, with other dignitaries Governor Sindh, DG EPA, IUCN representative and about 10,000 students were present on the occasion.
  • Humanitarian Aid – Earth Quake victims (Oct 2005) - Aid and relief work was carried out for 2005 Earth Quake victims in Pakistan. Aid was provided to affected locations however the main areas of activities were Bagh, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, and Mang village in Balakot. A video documentary was also made on the sad incident.
  • Portable Shelter homes for the earthquake victims were designed.
  • Humanitarian Aid –Flood victims (2010) - Pakistan faced history’s worst flood, and once again APM motivated masses and streamlined the humanitarian aid and relief work to flood victims in Madyan, Swat and Muzaffargarh cities.
  • Rehabilitation of Mountain Ecology at Swat (2011-Present)
  • Construction of Websites  and online Movie Channels
  • Development of Nature Corners in the premises of Dedicated Volunteers (2014)

Research Projects

Under the supervision of the concerned Professors, Researchers and Scientists I conducted research work on some of the important environmental topics and published in Urdu as well as in English some of all for layman understanding and awareness:

Freelancer & Amateur Environmental Journalist

Being an amateur freelancer I have been successful to expose the hidden truth whether behind the deforestation in high altitude forest cover of the country, flash floods, Glacial lake outbursts or glacier receding on print as well as on national electronic media time to time. The glimpses of my work can be seen under Publications / Articles & Documentary Projects as follows;

Publications / Articles

To aid the promotion of Anti Pollution Movement, a prolific material has been published based on facts and scientific research, it includes:

Documentary Projects

A documentary series has been initiated to abridge scientific research on climate change and common man consciousness. Seven different documentaries have been produced and released on the social media & on local cable networks. My Inputs for the script writing, commentary and outdoor shooting is reflected in the documentaries. Some are;


Although, I am a Science Graduate but owing to my commitment towards ongoing personal development and career progression I consider myself as a student of Climatology & Earth Sciences.



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